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With people looking closer to home for their holidays for the next year or two, Hartlepool is definitely worth putting on your list of places to visit. Below we have come up with our favourite beaches to visit while you’re here:

Seaton Carew Beach

Seaton Carew is blessed with a stunning beach that stretches its whole length of the village and has numerous shops offering refreshments and beach-related facilities. Right in the centre of the village/beach are a set of beach huts which can be rented to use as a convenient base.

A visit to the seaside is not complete without fish&chips and ice cream, and for both you’ll be well catered for right next to the beach access points.

To the south of Seaton Beach you’ll find the Sand Dunes, which run between the beach and Seaton Carew’s award winning golf course. The dunes offer visitors lots of hidden peaks and valleys to offer vantage points or shelter from the wind and offer an excellent challenge for walkers and joggers to traverse.

‘Blue Lagoon’

To the south of Seaton Carew’s beach and over the pier you’ll find Seaton Carew’s Biden jewel. A hidden beach that runs along the edge of the mouth of the river Tees and is a perfect spot to watch the ships coming and going from the UK’s busiest shipping port.

Crimdon Beach

Another hidden gem, and a favorate of locals, to the point which we may get into trouble for telling you about it. Crimdon Dene is a delightful countryside walk, skirted by a beautiful beach that stretches up towards Blackhall, which was the outside filming location for The 1992 blockbuster Alien 3. Its sea-coal covered beach offered the movie makers the perfect location for a desolate alien planet, but in reality it is a beautiful unspoiled beach.

Town Wall/Sandwell Gate

Though far from the largest beach in the area, this beach is worth a visit just to whiteness the remains of the oldest par of the headland defences and dates back to the 14th Century. You can read more of its fascinating history here.

Headland Beach

A short walk around the promenade of the Sandwell Gate, past the statue of Andy Capp, you will find the Heugh Battery museum and the start of the Headland beach which stretch north for many miles.

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